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April 27, 2009 at 3:01 pm

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20(1). Oceans 27. Hi!! Gorgeous. Feat DJ Renni and widya (Wilmix) and resident DJs Danny & Cyber9. Ladies nite’s lucky draw. From 9pm.

(2). Bacio. Babes & Bubbles. It’s A Ladies Nite @ Bacio with music by Resident DJ’s Andre & Chandra. 50% OFF for Wine, Cocktails, & Champagne – Only for Ladies.

(3). Blue Eyes. Road Runner Community Party. Host By Otomotif Club. Resident DJs Blue Eyes, Tika Luv, Farao, Rigazone & Triple One as house band. From 10pm.

(4). DejaVu. Socialite. With resident DJ’s Indra K. Georgia (Bali Best DJ Redma 2006 & 2007, Bali Best DJ The Beat Award 2008). From 10pm.

(5). Double Six. Womanizer. Feat our own resident DJ’s Niina, Helmy with their own mixed music for the Ladies. Free entry & free welcome cocktails & 50% off on selected drink for ladies.

(6). Eikon. Live! Blues Jazz Funk. On the Sax Jungle, Jazz, Joe. From 8-10pm.

(7). Hard Rock Hotel. Girls’ Night Out. After Nine Band at Center Stage. With sparking body grinders, dance shows & bar dancers. From 8.30pm.

(8). Hypnotique. Playboy. Feat. Urban tracks, sushi girls by step up dancers and fashion show by FS Management.

(9). Kama Sutra. Flying Without Wings. With Sexy Pole Dancers, S.O.S international Band & DJ Woody. For hoteliers, airlines crew & travel agent free entry & 50% disc – Draft beer, House Pouring Liqours with Soda mixer.

(10). Maccaroni. Live music by Solidey Group.

(11). M Bar Go. The Asphalt Jungle. DJ P-pen Feat. Javaica (live percussions), VJ Ivangila hip hop & tribal flavaz with Djembe performances.

(12). Obsesion. Rock With Siztas. Feat Marina Nasman &Sally Jo for a Super Rock Session combined with horns, drums, percussions, guitars, bass. Live at 10.30 pm.

(13). Ocean Beach Club. Wild Wednesday. BBQ Ribs Rp. 10k. Texas Size (22 oz). Long Island Ice Tea Rp. 39k. From 6-10pm. Pitchers of Anker Beer Rp. 49k & complimentary bar snacks from 4-6 pm. Nightly dinner shows at 9 & 10:30pm feat. amazing acrobats, mesmerising fire dances & beautiful show girls. Fire cabaret at 9 & 10pm.

(14). Ozigo Ubud. Ladies Night. Free selected cocktails for ladies in the house from 22.00-00.00 with Assasin Band, DJ Goez & DJ Ferry.

(15). Red Room. RedRoom Wild start. Tequila 30k, Jack Daniel 35k, Jim Beam 35k, Black/Red 35k/30k, Spirit Bottles 400k Bacardi, Smirnoff. With resident DJs Anjas & Anggie.

(16). Sky Garden. Thousand Wing Wednesday. Rp. 1k per Chicken Wing. Heineken Beer Rp. 19k. Bintang Rp. 10k. From 6-11pm.

(17). Syndicate. Sex Bomb-Ladies Nite. Feat our very own resident DJ Jeryy & DJ Che’Bee with their mix of music. Also performing DJ Shumi (Bali).

(18). The Wave. Shake R & B on Ladies Nite. Girls Nite Out. Performing Dj with R&B music all nite & Nurse Hostesses.

(19). Wild Catz. Feat. DJ Wisdy Wilmix with Resident DJ Shumi & DJ Reny cocktail Promo 50% off selection Cocltail All Night Long. (

Written by mediarilis

March 31, 2009 at 3:08 pm

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15(1). Blue Eyes, ST 12 Live in Concert. Resident DJs Rigazone, Farao, Tika Luv and Triple One band. From 10pm.

(2). The Wave. The Wave 4th Anniversary Party. Performing Blue Sky Band & Sexy Dancers on the Bar, and Resident DJ’s on the Mix, police Hostess are here to welcome the guests. Free Welcome Drink……

(3). Bacio. With resident DJ’s, Andre & Chandra.

(4). Dejavu. Terrific With resident DJ’s Indra K, Ifin (Winner of Country DJ Hunt 2008). From 10pm.

(5). Double Six .The very best DJ’s @ Double Six, Helmy & Dede.

(6). Hard Rock Hotel. Rockin’ Paradise. After Nine Band plays Top 40 hits & classic rock at Centre Stage. From 8.30pm.

(7). Kama Sutra. Ladies Night With sexy dancer. From 10pm.

(8) M Bar Go. Spin Out. DJ Ye, DJ Yoga, DJ Jerry, MC G-Voiz, VJ Ivangila, DJ Gust Fresh Hiphop Soundz Wit Break Beatz & Live Scratching!

(9). Obsesion. Salsa on the Air. Lio Koustyx Band feat. Christos performs the sounds from Cuba to Africa. With DJ Kusuma. From 10.30pm.

(10). Ocean Beach Club . Taco Tuesday. Fish Tacos Rp. 10k. Frozen Lime Margarita Rp. 29k gls/Rp. 149k pitcher. Cuervo Tequilla Shots Rp. 29k. Corona Bucket Rp. 99k (3 btls). From 10-11pm. Pitchers of Anker Beer Rp. 49k & complimentary bar snacks from 4-6 pm. Nightly dinner shows at 9 & 10:30pm feat. amazing acrobats, mesmerizing fire dances & beautiful show girls. Fire cabaret at 9 &10pm.

(11). Oceans 27. Sunset Heaven. Live sunset music by Deddy (duo) and resident DJs Danny & Cyber9. From 6pm.

(12). Ozigo Ubud. Live music by Kawitana Band, DJ Goez & DJ Ferry. From 10pm.

(13). Red Room. Red Room Snap Snack. Garlic bread 10k, spring roll 12k, chiken wings 10k, burger 15k, French fries 10k. From 7-11pm.RedRoom With resident DJs Anjas & Anggie.

(14). Rumours. Appetite for Music. A fun fusion of food and music with Tude & Friends. Start 8-11pm. Sky Garden Tuesday Pizza Pasta & Ribs 25% off Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Ribs & Sangria & Mojitos. Glass Rp. 19k / Pitchers Rp. 99k. From 6-11pm.

(15). Syndicate. Resident DJ Jeryy & DJ C’Bee with their mix of music. From 11pm.

(16). Vi Ai Pi. Live music by Solidev. Start from 8pm-10.30pm.

(17). Wild Catz. Wild Live. Performing is Vertikal Band & with Resident DJ Renny & Amanda. Buy 1 get 1 Free, All Nite Long Am for small Bintang From 9pm. (

Written by mediarilis

March 30, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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logo_ditlantasDIREKTORAT Lalu Lintas Kepolisian Daerah Metro Jaya mengoperasikan seluruh armada layanan perpanjangan surat izin mengemudi dan surat tanda nomor kendaraan keliling, Kamis (26/2). Masyarakat yang hendak mengurus perpanjangan surat tersebut dapat mendatangi lokasi pelayanan terdekat.
Di Jakarta Selatan, layanan dapat ditemui di depan Kebun Binatang Rangunan. Layanan di Jakarta Timur ditempatkan di depan Masjid At-Tien, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Di Jakarta Pusat, layanan serupa dapat ditemui di depan Kantor Pos, Pasar Baru.
Untuk warga Jakarta Utara, layanan akan dikonsentrasikan di samping pom bensin Jalan Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading. Adapun di Jakarta Barat, layanan berada di depan Lindeteves Trade Centre, Jalan Gadjah Mada. (

Written by mediarilis

February 26, 2009 at 3:18 am

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